divemaster and instructor program

Dive Master 

What to Expect

The first step in becoming a scuba professional is the Divemaster Certification.  The Divemaster Program focuses on building your academic knowledge, fine tuning your scuba skills to demonstration quality, and learning how to teach certain programs such as Scuba Refresher for already certified divers who have been out of the water for a while.

How to become a Professional

Candidates need to have completed Advanced, Rescue, Emergency First Response, 40 dives, and have a medical signed by their physician before starting the program.

The program is $999 and includes your Divemaster Crewpack.  It usually takes several months to complete the program.

more to get ready

Scuba Instructor Nashville
  • PADI Medical SIGNED by your doctor within 1 year of the IE
  • 2 head and shoulder photos
  • All personal dive equipment as required by PADI (can be found in your Instructor Manual)
  • Log Book - proof of 100 dives showing deep, navigation, and night dives.
  • All PADI manuals (Open Water, Advanced, Rescue , and Divemaster)
  • ​Bring all of your certification cards (Openwater, Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster, EFR Instructor)
  • Practice your dive skills till they are demonstration quality, Divemaster Rescue Scenario, and how to tie the following knots ( bowline, sheetbend, two half-hitches), and use of a lift bag.
  • Be able to use both the PADI RDP and E-RDP-ML and have one each of your own.
  • Review your Recreational Diving Encyclopedia 

PADI Instructor  Program    

What to Expect

The PADI Instructor Program is an intensive 6 day program that builds on your Divemaster Skills, diving knowledge, knowledge of PADI programs and standards, and presentation skills.  That is followed up with a 2 day Instructor Exam administered by PADI.  

Getting Ready

  • ​Let us know if your are interested
  • Complete your Emergency First Response Instructor Program
  • Complete your IDC pre-study online, this will take about 18 hours to complete.
  • Complete Dive Theory online to refresh your Divemaster learning and expand it.  
  • Pick your dates for the IDC and get signed up!  We need 2 candidates for the class to make.


  • ​Instructor Development Course (IDC)         $1000.00​
  • IDC Crewpack   (PADI Member Price)         $1000.00
  • Dive Theory Online  (PADI)                           $173.00
  • EFR Instructor Program                                $199.00
  • EFR Instructor Crewpack                              $400.00
  • EFR Registration FEE (PADI)                       $140.00
  • IE Registration Fee (PADI)                            $235.00
  • Instructor Examination Fee (PADI)                $825.00


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