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Islander Package

  • Atomic B2 Regulator
  • Shearwater Teric
  • Atomic SS1 Integrated Alternate
  • Zeagle BCD - Stiletto or Zena, 

On Sale for $2900!

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Traveler Package

  • Aqualung Legend MBS Reg
  • Shearwater Perdix AI
  • Aqualung AirSource
  • Rogue BCD, 

  Pkg Price  $2700

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Diver Package

  • Titan Regulator
  • ABS Alternate
  • I-300 Computer
  • Pro HD BCD

 On Sale  $1100

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Advanced Package

  • Legend Regulator
  • ABS Alternate
  • Shearwater Peregrine
  • Rogue BCD

 On Sale  $1900

Scuba Gear 

Do you really need to have your own scuba equipment?  That is one of the most frequent questions we get at Island Hoppers.  The bottom line is that it is really up to you.

Not sure  you want your own gear, here are a few points to consider.

  • Your scuba regulator and BCD are life support equipment.  Don't you want to know it has been taken care of properly?
  • ​Familiarity with a personal set of scuba gear means greater comfort and a better diver experience.
  • By consistently diving with the same equipment you’ll learn how things are “supposed” to feel which will also help you dial in scuba skills such as buoyancy.
  • When you purchase your own equipment you get the fit and features you need for your style of diving

We have a couple of Package Deals that can get you up and going!  Check them out to the right!

All of the Atomic Aquatics regulators and computers in our packages have won Testers Choice and Best Buy Awards.  Find out why Atomic Aquatics is the best for Mask, Fins, Snorkels, Regulators, and Computers.  These videos show the internal workings and cover the benefits of the Atomic Products so you can make your own educated decision.  

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