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Scuba Nashville Tn scuba lessons
Catch an Island Attitude!
At Island Hoppers Scuba, we know about the amazing connection that can occur when you go underwater and explore a whole new world.  Let us guide you in that amazing journey.  Our goal is to help you become a scuba diver, appreciate the ocean realm, and to help you achieve your dream. We want to help you find your Island Attitude. We are THE PLACE to get your scuba classes in the Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood areas.

To help you along this path we also offer the best scuba travel trips around so that you can live your dream!   Our travel hosts are some of the best in the industry and will do everything possible to make sure your scuba adventure comes off without a hitch. IHS trips often sell out very quickly, so check back often to keep up with upcoming adventures.  Also be sure to like us on Facebook to keep  up to date.   Everything is announced there first along with store specials.

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Fiji 2024

Nov 28-Dec 7

2 Spaces

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The place for scuba classes Serving

Nashville,  Brentwood,  and Franklin Tennessee

Belize Aggressor

Nov 2-9, 2024

2 Spaces

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Bonaire Island Hoppers Scuba Nashville


October 19-26, 2024

10 Spaces

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Bonaire Bash New Years

January 1-8 2025

8 Spaces

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Bonaire Island Hoppers Scuba Nashville
zeagle scuba nashville
scuba lessons Scuba Nashville
PADI Nitrox Class Online
scuba lessons Island Hoppers Scuba Nashville
Shearwater Dive Computers
scuba lessons Island Hoppers Scuba Nashville
scuba lessons Island Hoppers Scuba Nashville

Cayman Aggressor iv

May 10-17, 2025

7 Spaces

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Red Sea Aggressor IV

Sept 13-20 2025

6 Spaces

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Aqualung Nashville Scuba
scuba lessons Scuba Nashville
Shearwater DEMO Center Island Hoppers
Henderson Nashville scuba
Apeks Scuba Nashville

Red Sea Aggressor IV

Sept 14-21 2024

3 Spaces - Nile River option

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Island Hoppers Scuba

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Apr 13               Pool Training

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May 11              Pool Training

May 19-20         Quarry 

May 25              Pool Training

May 25-26         Quarry

June 1-2            Quarry

June 8               Pool Training

June 8-9            Quarry

​June 15              Pool Training

June 22-23        Quarry

June 29              Pool Training

June 29-30        Quarry

July 6                 Pool Training

Island Hoppers Scuba
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